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AAnusya, of the House Das, is an alumnus of the Symbiosis International University, Pune, India. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration, dual specialization, in the fields of Human Resource Management & Marketing in 2016.
She was nominated for the Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing International Student, 2016.

Never having lived in India, she was raised by Indian parents in Dubai and completed her high school education from The Indian High School, Dubai, being one of the Top 3% achievers there.

Using her excellent mugging up skills, in addition to her education at school and college, she has held various positions of responsibility, the most notable of them being the position of Administrative Coordinator in the Symbiosis Pune International Student’s Council which looks after the welfare of International students in the city of Pune and other parts of India from 2015-2016. also believes in giving back to the society and has participated in various types of social work ranging from charity work to fund raising to volunteer work.

She constantly finds herself more inclined towards various art forms and cultural activities and has never really considered herself a very “sporty” person. She passively dislikes sports and hates participating in any. She refers to herself as a “cute-fat girl”.

Youthful and mostly positive, her favorite pastime is shopping, a hobby she refers to as being “highly tedious and expensive”. Her other hobbies include writing, and watching movies. She is a highly emotional yet practical minded person, someone who people depend on or take advice from or go to when they have problems to solve or secrets to keep.

Anusya, having extra straight and silky hair, she often tends to get bored of her hair and likes to experiment with different haircuts, in spite of the constant bickering of friends and family to keep it long without damaging it.

Dreaming big, she would love to travel the world one day, without the overbearing shackles of protectiveness her parents put on her.

Anusya likes doing things the right way and always tries her best to be as perfect as possible in whatever she does. However, she does not like being referred to, as a “Perfectionist” because she believes that there is always a scope for improvement.

She is a 23 year old Scorpio, at present, working in a reputed global university in Dubai and at the same time pursuing her Master’s.