I have been taught shame

More often than how to treat people right

Or to change the tyres of my car.


I have been taught that talking about sex

Is not what “good people” do

Rather respect the ones who peep into your 2am life

From their balconies.


It is when I stepped out of

My house, groped

By a 15-year-old.


When “wise” elders thought my receding hairline

Was more important than my passion and career.

When I was looked down as a rebel, their next black sheep in line.


When my choice of crop tops and short skirts were restricted;

To the walls of oddly lit trial rooms.

When the length of my dress indirectly proportionate to my ‘respect in the society.’

But is it shame?

To put secret cameras and watch women change in trial rooms or;

Jerk off to a woman as she walks past you, just to “tease” her.

Or is it shame to be afraid of feminism and think feminists are out to kill men.

Or, is it shame to call all men dogs, or;

Falsely accuse innocent men of domestic abuse.

What really is Shame?

Is it when a woman covers her face to show respect to elders or;

When one talks about making love to their partner or;

Is it when 2 people dare to choose to love.

How can a word describe both fear and purity?

How can it make one an ideal human;

And, be a reason for someone’s death?

It’s a shame on shame now, isn’t it?

We should blame shame or the people

Who bring it upon themselves or;

The ones who bestow it on others.

Or do we blame at all?!

To do anything that makes one feel loved or free;

when humanity is at its lowest.

Now, I am done with my shameless rant.

I’ll hide these pages under my ‘guilt and shame’

And retreat under my veil.



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