Middle East Film & Comic Con 2018




Working is tough. A work-life balance is even tougher. A work-life-studies balance is the toughest.

Inspite of all that has to be done in life and staying ahead of the rat race, every once in a while we want to escape, have fun, live carelessly in a world of our own.

The ComicCon allows us to do so.

I attended the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) 2017 last year. I had a blast, seeing so many cosplay enthusiasts, collectors of prized comics and other comic world antiques opened up a new world to me.

So much so, that I bought 2 tickets this year as well, one for me and one for my 12 year old brother. But work and studies come in the way and life gets hectic. I couldnt make the time or put the energy to making myself and my brother, stand-out costumes.

I took the easy road, dressing up as a warrior princess while I dressed him as a zombie.

I say the costume was easy because I wore a casual black dress, pinned up a white table cloth as a cape and make a sword and shield with cardboard and lots of aluminium paper. My makeup was simple, I didnt have to go overboard with it, at the end of the day, I could simply wash my face and it would all be done.

For my brother, I slapped a lot of light foundation and red lipstick on his face to make him look like a Zombie and tore up an old t-shirt rubbed it on mud and he was done too.

Some day, I hope, ComicCon for me will be much more ellaborate than this. I will be able to transform myself in a true character and probably match myself with my significant other.

Till then, I am going to enjoy ComicCon by appreciating efforts of other fellow Comic Con lovers and dressing up just enough to blend into the Comic Con world with the least efforts possible.



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