Toe rings and Piercings: From tradition to Boho

Growing up, I frequently saw my mom sporting toe rings. However, few years after settling down in Dubai she stopped wearing them.
Toe rings were seen as traditional and didnt quite blend with the culture as well as western wear that my mom had comfortably adapted to after moving out of India.

As a child, I too never found the sight of septum and toe rings to be beautiful.

I felt that they look very rural and makes a woman look like a Villager.

But when I finished college and after years visited Mumbai to a Silver store, I was awestruck but the collection of silver jewelry and accessories.

From traditional to boho from anklets to tiklis to toe rings to piercings, all under one roof.

I decided to experiment. I bought myself silver anklets, earrings, nose rings, septum rings, toe rings, maang tikas etc.

I came back to Dubai and wore them all with my everyday look. I wore them with Indian wear and also wore them when I wore tshirt and shorts.

Wore them with jeans and formals just like wearing them with Churidars.

I rarely would step out of the house without my nose piercing, naval piercing and my anklet. If I remember, I’ll wear my septum piercing too.

The two most fav accessories of mine at the moment is my Silver fake septum piercing and my toe rings.

These two are my go-to boho accessories.

Whenever I feel pretty, want to look different I wear them.

People have a different approach to them when I wear them.

My brother, when I wear my septum piercing says that I look like a bull.

However, few others say it complements my face and that it takes courage to look different and stand out from the crowd.

According to the Ayurveda, the toe ring, if worn on the second toe finger, improves menstrual cycle thereby impossible chances of conception due to the pressure the ring puts on the finger.

Apparently it also helps in reducing pain during intercourse.

The nose ring, if worn on the left side of the nose, reduces pain of child birth.

It has a node also known as “marma” that connects to the female reproductive system which works similar to acupuncture points to relieve pain.

The septum piercing and naval piercing traces back to more of warrior communities of the world and they have similar benefits to that of a regular nose piercing.

However, for today’s generation, these body jewelry have become “statement jewelry” to give oneself a more “Boho” or “Hippie/Hipster” look.

I’m not complaining. I am a fan myself. But sometimes you are silently judged for it too.

People dont take you seriously if you are wearing a septum piercing or they would assume you are an illiterate person specially the Asian crowd.

In India, if you wear nose rings or toe rings, people refer to you as “gawaar”(illiterate)

I just have one thing to say to such people: “Not everyone understands fashion and not everyone can.”

These are my favorite and I would love more men and women to come forward and experiment with these.

They make you feel super confident and Hot!!


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