Time * Love / Distance

I was here

You were there

If it was true love

Then how was the distance fair


If two people love each other

Why does destiny keep them away?

Is love really a blessing

Or are we just the Devil’s prey?


“Long distance never lasts”

That’s what they all say

But I wanted to make it work

That’s just all I would pray.


Wanting someone to hold you

Whether you are sad or happy

Instead all you get are “Good Night” texts

No matter your day how good or unhappy.


Seeing someone else stand next to them

Makes you feel like your heart got pierced by a pin.

Birthdays, holidays, special days and anniversaries

Feel incomplete like the “Mac” without its “Cheese”


What exactly hurts

I don’t understand

Is it the unfelt love

Or the miles between us

Or the change in priorities

And the broken promises between us?


The love seems to be fading

Like a cheap, stretchy chewing gum

I gave you many chances and 1000 ultimatums


Remember what we want

May not always be what we need

Don’t take me for granted

Or I’d have to move you away like a garden weed.


I choose you for you

Don’t change yourself

Don’t let our love fade

And let people think our love is dead.


Love me like before

Like I’m yours forever

Don’t need expensive gifts

Just want to see your endeavors.

Give me your time and attention

That’s all I want from you

To make me feel your love, the days I felt blue.


The distance was a lot to make me feel your love

I know you loved me but that wasn’t enough

I just know you loved me but that wasn’t enough.



Photo credits: https://www.etsy.com/listing/118755059/long-distance-relationship-gifts-wedding


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