Self Love

What is self love?

Is it when you treat yourself like a Crown

Or a Narcissist’s excuse to put others down


Why is it that the world always says

Love yourself more than anyone else;

Yet when you do and adore yourself

The same world judges you and says you need help


For all the years that I grew up

There was only one who stuck by my side.

Be it my first failure or any other fuck up

It was just me and my lonely ride


I worked so hard to be who I am

So, I’m not a celebrity,

But I am my number one fan.


People see you the way you see yourself

They give you the respect you have for yourself

How can you find someone who will love you for you

When you don’t love yourself as much as you should do


And if people don’t love you

Make them fear you

For all things said and done

That power is in you


Be humble always

But only care about those

Who understand the true meaning

Behind your “I’m Fine” and “Fuck You”


For all mistakes you make, don’t curse yourself for them

Life is all about you, from beginning to end.

Take responsibility for all your choices, be it wrong or right

Wear them like badges, bold and in sight.


Kick ass of those people who try to bring you down

Achieve the unbelievable and watch them burn down.


Invest in yourself and become the best

Make people feel, you’re their Everest.


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