Love at First Flight

Love at First Flight

Love is in the air

That is what great people say


So for me, I had a little crush

While at the airport, buying cola slush


He stood at the counter next to me

And placed his order, same as me


A happy co-incidence, we smiled at each other

Two strangers travelling solo; found a friend in one another


Be it co-incidence or the work of destiny

His seat was assigned right next to me


Maybe it didn’t matter to him as much

Neither was it a big deal for me as such


But it’s nice to have an airport crush

A short lived story that I wouldn’t talk about much


Cuz’ we meet people everyday who we can love

But life is too fast to stop for them


But remember, not everyone is worthy of you

Because, love is deserved, by you too.


So only give a piece of yourself to the one

Who wouldn’t break your heart but instead love you ton.


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