The Imperfectly Perfect

Want to find “my” perfect man;

Want to find “the” perfect man


How one word could change so much in a sentence;

The way he changed my life by tolerating my nonsense.


What’s the difference, you may ask;

For the perfect man is perfect to the world

While your perfect man, perfect to you.


In search of a Brad Pitt, we may not see our Chandler.

Monica gave up Richard

And Rachel Barry,

But at the end, found their soul mates

Like chocolate fudge and strawberry.


Penny was blonde and pretty,

Lenard, short and clever,

Together, they made the best team ever.


While Sheldon claimed to be devoid of all romantic feelings;

He found Amy’s company to be the most healing.


Find the Derek to your Meredith, even though he may not have the perfect hair.

Find the one who looks at you as if you are his perfect éclair.


So, you see folks what I’m trying to reflect,

Look for the one who you feel is perfect

Without the opinions of the world which in itself is imperfect.


There is enough hate and violence around us.

People need hope to live and not go under a bus.


Love each other no matter how imperfect,

A sense of belonging, they way you just connect.

From their noisy burps to their cozy silence,

Failed relationships before them, now all make sense.


You may not believe in destiny

But you two are meant to be

Like Jon Snow to Ygritte and Khal Drogo to Khaleesi.


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