The One Who Mends My Broken Heart

Whenever with you, the moments spent I remember

It gives me a feeling of a warm, cozy December.


Dating you is like the perfect hit of a dart

Because you are the one who mend my broken heart.


The love of a partner and the fun with a friend

Both are you and I hope it’ll never end.


How it happened I don’t know

You’re like the winter to my snow.


If people heard our story, they would say we are meant to be

Of all things I love, you are the most precious to me.


Because time spent with you is what makes me happy

No matter the movie how good or crappy.


I know I’m really bad at writing poems or a letter

But your love for me is my biggest motivator.


There is too much love and not enough ways to express it

Hence I wrote a silly poem, but I don’t regret it.


So, thank you for being the one who mends my broken heart

I promise to love you as much as Chocolate tart.



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