Fujifilm’s Instax Mini8: The Emotional Specifications

Well a lot of people have written reviews for this camera earlier. However, I will review it from a more emotional rather than a technical point of view.

The concept of these cameras is very old and digitization has allowed us to store millions of pictures in one device.

Then why did these cameras make a comeback? Why are people again buying these when they can store all photos in one device?

It has emotions attached to it.

The feeling of clicking the most priceless memories.

Okay wait…let’s look at them one by one.

I dont even know if this makes any sense. But ok…Let’s give it a try

  1. It has a vintage feel to it. The idea of having something vintage is just great. Not all of us can afford to buy the original vintage cameras. These cameras are a combination of vintage with modern innovations. The variety of colors of the camera, the light and flash options as well as various accessories available for the camera allow us to customize it according to our choice.
  2. One perfect picture. While taking selfies or taking pictures nowadays, people may end up taking 1000s of pictures in just one visit to the toilet (Hahahahaha!! That’s just ridiculous). However, with these cameras we take one precious and priceless picture and capture that memory forever. In the process of taking millions of pictures we actually forget to live in the very moment. Instax allows us to take one perfect picture and enjoy the rest of the moments.
  3. The pleasure of physically holding your memories. There is a simple joy in being able to actually look through a photo album and hold the photos physically rather than swiping through tonnes of pictures on the phone.
  4. The excitement of seeing the photo. The few minutes of joy we get, while the picture develops is amazing. After taking the picture, it takes a few minutes before the picture completely develops.
  5. Real sound of the flash. We may have flash sounds in our phones but holding an actual camera and being able to hear its flash is something that can only be enjoyed with such cameras.

Picture courtesy: http://www.dontcrampmystyle.co.uk/2015/08/my-love-for-instax-mini-8-fuji-film.html



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