Story of the Mix-Match Outfit

Well, this is my first blog and also my first try at an Indo-Western outfit.

Honestly, this entire outfit wasnt a planned one. I wore it to one of my best friend’s birthday party which also doubled as a re-union party, 8 months after we graduated. So basically, I met my friends after so many months at a party and guess what, I forgot to pack a party dress for it. P.S. I live in Dubai and the re-union was in India.

When I open my bag to get ready, I realise to my horror, I have forgotten to pack my dress which right now must be relaxing peacefully on my bed in Dubai. Hahahaha!

What do I do now? I cant look ordinary or normal. I have to look different, make heads turn. So, dressing up ordinary is so-not-me!!

I had carried a small trolley bag with clothes packed for a week for the reunion, what fancy could I possibly wear. Nothing!

So, I pick up this yellow Georgette-Cotton Kurti (P.S. It was the only piece of clothing that didnt need ironing :P) and my blue leggings.

I felt really bad that I was having to wear Ethnic wear at a not-so-ethnic party where my other friends would be dolled up really nicely.

I then decided to accessorise differently. I dont necessarily have to wear Indian accessories just because I am wearing Indian clothes. So, I combed down my fringes, wore my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones like a neck-piece 😛 and completed my look with flat, leather boots.

Now it may sound very simple but when I folded my leggings till my calf muscles and a little of my feet tattoo was seen over the boots, my legs looked sexy from between the cuts of my Kurti.

I finished my look by applying the new Kylie Lip Color (Color: Kristen)

Simple yet sophisticated. This is my Mantra: To have a minimalist yet different look.

Initially, when people began to look, I felt a little self-conscious but as soon as I reached the bar, people did compliment me about my different way of dressing up and also said how cute I looked. Many of them said that they never thought we can pair up Kurtis with any other length pants other than full length and that the folding up increased the glamour of the boots.


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