The Birthday Dress

20161118_16214020161118_16221220161118_16395920161118_16410820161118_16480220161121_153418Striped B&W Jumpsuit and Black Suede Leather Pointed toe Stiletto Heels

This was my birthday outfit.

Yes, I turned 21 recently, in November. Growing up sucks!!

So, for a 21 simple-not-so-simple 😛 21 year old, my parents probably landed in a soup, what outfit can we get for her.

This was it. The moment I saw it, I knew this had to be the one. On my first look at it, it reminded me of the TommyxGigi Clothing line by Tommy Hilfiger USA.

I knew that with my new Suede Leather heels, this dress was the perfect pairing and so I picked this up.

You may ask from where. Honestly I dont know, I saw it put up on a mannequin on display in a store, found the stripes interesting and hence, decided to buy it.

I have my favorites brands and stores when it comes to shopping, but sometimes there are a few things we may like even from not so popular stores and outlets. All that matters that time is to make sure the design and the quality is the best.

So anyway, I had a huge birthday dinner and even got a car as a birthday gift. However, the simplicity of the outfit gave a good competition to the bling-blang of my birthday party.

I finished my look with Gazel colored lenses (not contacts, just color), let my fringes down, wore my Aldo silver watch and as I mentioned, my leather heels.

For my makeup, I kept my makeup to simple. I dont use foundations or compacts at all.I used, in chronological order, Lakme Absolut waterproof eyeliner, Lakme waterproof mascara, Lakme Absolut Deep Red Lipstick and  Kylie LipKit Lip Liner.

Outfit: Inspired by Aldo B&W Striped Jumpsuit

Watch: Aldo Women’s Watch

Footwear: Aldo Black Suede Leather Stilletto Heels

Makeup: Lakme & Kylie LipKit


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